Reining Horse Association of Nevada


The Reining Horse Association of Nevada (RHAN) was formed to promote the sport of reining in northern Nevada.  Our primary goal is simple: provide opportunities to show reining horses.  We also provide clinics to improve overall horsemanship skills. Our association is low key, friendly and open to all ages and levels of riders.  Our competitions feature classes for all ages and skill levels for horses and riders. We also have amended our bylaws specifically to provide additional showing opportunities.  Any horse 5 years and younger may be ridden 2 handed in a legal snaffle bit or bosal hackamore, in any class. This is our main exception from the standard National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) rules. 

For the Green As Grass Non Pro and 1st Year Green Horse:

Green As Grass Non Pro to have never shown in reining.  1st Year Green Horse and 1st. Year Green Rider.  No Lead Changes.    

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